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Mark One Apparel Ltd
Factory 3, Kalabo Tax Free Zone Daniva Road Valelevu, Suva Fiji Islands
(679) 339 4011
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Mark One Apparel was established in February 1989 as a CMT (Cut, Make and Trim) shirt manufacturing business. Since then it has positioned itself as a leader in shirt and blouse manufacture in Fiji by continuously investing in  technology, infrastructure, services and staff development to increase efficiency, reliability and competitiveness. The result of this is a state-of-the art factory with a highly skilled and enthusiastic workforce striving for nothing short of excellence in all they do.

The company is also recognized as an innovator in terms of staff welfare in Fiji. Employees are provided with access to a credit union and micro-credit scheme to encourage saving and improve financial management skills; dietary supplements are provided to help maintain health; and mothers of young infants have access to an on-site creche.

Mark One Apparel has earned favour with a long list of clients over many years by providing a competitive mix of quality, service and price. No order is too small for it to attract the full attention of their dedicated team of professionals. 

Mark One Apparel caters for clients with needs in three major product groups:

Corporate/Formal wear (men’s & women’s)

Industrial/Work wear (men's & women's)

Casual Wear (men’s & women’s)

The factory utilises a modern pattern design system enabling it to easily make made-to-measure patterns. Coupled with a pattern digitiser and a variety of Gerber and Pathfinder technology, customers are assured of the highest levels of accuracy and consistency in every single order they place. This is complemented by state-of-the-art pocket setters, button hole indexers and placket machines which guarantee a superior standard of quality and finish for shirts and blouses alike.

As an added service, Mark One Apparel has an in-house embroidery department which allows it to customise and personalise odered to customer specifications.   


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