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Intimate Apparel Ltd
Lot 25 Jai Hanuman Road, Suva, Fiji
(679) 338 6388
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Intimate Apparels Ltd began operations in 1998 as a manufacturer of quality lingerie for Sara Lee.  Satisfied customers soon asked for a more diverse product range and sports and gym wear were soon added. This early success reinforced the customer–focused approach of the management team and staff and has been a major factor in the steady growth of the business as a supplier to mainstream and boutique buyers in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and the UK.  In recent years international success has been complimented with development of a loyal following in the local Fiji market, particularly in the field of team wear.

The fabrics and trims typically used in intimates require specialist manufacturing skills and the owners have worked over the past decade to ensure staff develop and maintain high-end competencies in this field. Technology has been upgraded to accommodate Lycra based products and today with 160 machines and 230 employees Intimate Apparels Ltd proudly stand as the only manufacturer of lingerie and undergarments in Fiji. 

Recognising that comfort is a critical requirement for their products, Intimate Apparel is committed to making products that fit, and fit well. Working from their own designs or those of customers, the company works closely with clients to ensure the final product meets the expectations of the end user. Years of experience means they can provide valuable assistance with the selection of trims or modification to design to achieve the best end result for either the smaller or fuller figure. 

A particular niche market into which the business is expanding is the development and supply of under-garments for expectant or nursing mothers where both comfort and correct support are essential.

In the area of sports, gym and team wear, the business has adopted a very flexible approach to meeting customer needs and is happy to cater for special low volume production runs as well as volume orders – a service not often available from many of the suppliers based in Asia. 


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