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PFD Fiji Ltd
Unit 6, 62 Bishop Street,Kelvin Grove, Queensland 4059 ,Australia
+61 (0)7 3856 5400
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PFD Fiji Ltd is the Suva based manufacturing arm of the highly regarded Brisbane based firm, Performance Floatation Developments Australia Pty. Ltd.  The Brisbane headquarters provide oversight for the Fiji operations and handle all customer enquiries directly. 

Our core product line is Personal Floatation Devices. All PFD's are made from the highest grade materials available and are designed to meet the safety requirements of a wide range of water based sports and recreational activities. We currently have product certification for both Australian and New Zealand PFD standards and with CE (European) certification coming soon.  

Our modern, well equipped factory with over 180 workers has specific competencies in handling heavy-duty woven fabrics and neoprene and the range of products manufactured now extends into the defence and animal care market segments as well.  

PFD takes product quality seriously and on an annual basis is subject to strict independent audits by SAI Global (5 tick mark) and Bureau Veritas (S mark) to ensure our manufacturing and quality management processes consistently comply with strict international standards. 


PFD Australia's design team is able to work with clients to help translate new concepts into commercially successful product lines.

Our Fiji factory has all the necessary technologies & equipment to undertake a range of product testing and ensure the PFDs and other products you buy are manufactured to a consistently high standard.

Our in-house screen and digital sublimation printing capabilities complement the technical excellence of our products and means we are able to handle the most creative of designs and provide a superior product finish every time.


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