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The TCF Council of Fiji exists to represent members and advance the best interests of the industry in Fiji. Membership is by annual subscription and includes factories of varying size and expertise. An elected Executive Committee provides oversight for the Council.

The Council's mandate is to foster the continued development and prosperity of the industry in Fiji. Our strategic vision for long term sustainability of the industry requires active engagement with a wide variety of stakeholders extending from the Executive level of governments in Fiji and abroad, to international industry specialists, various NGO's and social interest groups through to industry suppliers, local factories and trade unions. 

The interests of member factories, their staff and customers are supported not only through such engagement but also via efforts to secure resources able to support continuous improvement in production and management practises and ongoing market development activities.

The Council acknowledges its responsibilities as the representative of an industry which is a major employer and source of export revenue for Fiji and is committed to the ethical treatment of employees as a priority. All council members must have successfully undertaken an independent Social Accountability audit in order to maintain active membership status.


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Danam (Fiji) Ltd Jacks of Fiji Mark One Apparel Ltd
PFD Fiji Ltd Ranjit Garments Mfg Limited United Apparel
Intimate Apparel Ltd Nagsun Apparel Outfitters Fiji
Motiram & Co Ltd Lyndhurst Ltd
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