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Bilateral Workshop Forms Greater Aim for TCF

TCF Chairman and Owner of textile company Ranjit Garments, Kalpesh Solanki is adamant to prove Attorney General Aiyaz Saiyad Khaiyum true to his statement that TCF maintain service and quality for both locals and international buyers.¬† ¬†Mr. Solanki, speaking to industry stakeholders at the TCF Council and China Bilateral Technical Assistance workshop at the Holiday Inn, expressed sentiments aimed at the industry doing whatever it takes in terms of performance to convince the public about Fiji’s consistency in its product and services.

It has been made clear by the Council that their initiative is to make textile, clothing and footwear an ongoing asset to the country and one that it is consistently worth a consumer’s investment.  Meeting international standards is the way forward, thus creating noteworthy standards in the garment industry and for other commodities as well.  The textile industry currently employs over 4300 locals, with almost 40 factories operating around the country.

This workshop was the next advancing step continuing from the last workshop which had been organized in China in March this past year and that focused on garment processing and quality control for Fiji’s textile industry.

Aiyaz Saiyad Khaiyum has expressed his concerns as the Finance Minister that he wishes to see TCF progressing further in its field and challenges them to compete with the same expectations which existed in the past when the industry was nearly three times a big. ¬†He urges improvement but at the same time emphasizes on “Fiji being a bit different”. ¬†This will promote Fiji as a whole and create ‘economy-friendly’opportunities with the Australasian group and beyond especially as demand increases in that particular market.

“Thus continuation of productivity will surely bring a major boost in Fiji‚Äôs struggling economy”, stated the Minister, “as the textile industry has without a doubt played an important role in contributing to our economic growth.” The Finance Minister also claims there are a number of opportunities in the footwear industry and that manufacturers have the advantage to learn from China and other progressing nations in creating world class shoes.

Mr. Solanki stated that both workshops had formed a greater aim of the Council to tackle these challenges.  For their first agenda the Council has mandated a rise in industry presence locally, as well as internationally and secondly that they should continually elevate standards while encompassing quality, productivity and social responsibility.

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Posted on: June 22 at 1:21 am

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