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Mark One Apparel Ltd’s Products chosen to carry the Fiji Made Label

Just weeks ago, Mark One Apparel Ltd was one of the six companies chosen to tag their products with the Fiji Made Label.  These were the first group of companies that satisfied all the requirements made by the Government to have their products certified as such.  The company was handed a certificate stating that products from their company is officially licensed to carry the label.

Mark One Apparels export Fiji sewn garments to Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom.  These products are world class and compete not only with the quality that it serves but also the price and the time span taken for delivery.  The license granted works on a yearly basis with companies having to reapply once it has expired.

“When the Fiji Government promoted Fiji made as a means to bring to our attention the fact that our locally produced products are as good as or better than imported goods and services, we fully supported this initiative.   We had to go through rigorous processes to match the certain criteria from the Government”, mentioned Mr. Halabe the owner of Mark One Apparel Ltd.

In an interview by the press, Mr. Sayed- Khaiyum mentioned that all producers of Fiji Made goods would be able to include benefits with their products to ensure that local and tourists would purchase Fiji Made, thus this becoming a healthy initiative for our local producers and products.

Mark One will continue to export 99% of their production but at the same time will source local products as inputs. With more local products for export and with less importation of goods the balance of payments will be more favorable to the Fiji economy.

With this in mind, Mark One is the proud owners of the label ‘SEWN IN FIJI’ logo on their products and hope that in the days coming ahead, this logo will be looked for as a guarantee of excellence not just in Fiji but around the World.

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Posted on: March 15 at 9:10 am

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