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Dahia Launches its Summer Collection for 2012 and 2013

Dahia Shoes had just recently launched their very first Fiji-Made Tapa Range of shoes which will be known as the ‘Dahia South Pacific Range’. With all the National focus on the ‘Buy Fiji Made’ products, they’re anticipating that as soon as these shoes hits the shelves, ladies looking to make a bold fashion statement will be going ‘shoe crazy’.

This range is now being showcased at the Australian Shoe Fair in Sydney. The Tapa Range of shoes are made from traditional Fijian clothing material (known as Tapa), coconut shells and magimagi (pronounced ‘Mangi Mangi’) which is coconut fiber that has been blended with traditional shoe making leathers. With this unique fusion, the team at Dahia have combined distinct art forms from two cultures; hand-made artifacts from the Pacific that date back to ancient Fijian times and hand-made shoe making, a trade that has been passed from generation to generation in India.

“We started by visiting the handicraft markets in Suva to locate various artists we could work with. For our first range, we have worked with two masi artists, a carver, a coconut button manufacturer and a supplier of magimagi”, said Mr. Dahia

He also mentioned that like all fashion houses, his company will be releasing a new range every six months. The Tapa Range of footwear took over six months of research and ideas to evolve into a collection of smart casual wear products. It offers trendy and unique styles with Pacific Island flavor not found anywhere else.

At the Dahia Shoe factory, a dedicated research and sampling team develop all the new ideas, then sample and test every line before they are released into the market. Mr. Dahia assured the quality of their products revealing that the masi is treated with a special sealer to prevent “weathering”.

Dahia Shoes hopes to showcase their new lines in America and Europe later this year, with future plans to move into Asia. As many nationalists and naturalists like to say “Culture is more than a footnote” and for the Dahia family and their team of seasoned workers, this means innovation and ideas that will take them on the footpath to greater success.

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Posted on: February 14 at 11:16 pm

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